About Me:

Hi! My name is Kwang! I live with my husband Ben and my 3 kids Calvin,Charlie and Gwen.
I’m originally from Bangkok, Thailand where I studied fine art. I have always loved art, but I never knew my true calling until I held my camera for the first time.
I took some film photography classes during college, then after working two years as an art teacher I bought a DSLR camera to photograph my travels and fell in love.
Suddenly all my artistic training came together and I finally knew who I was meant to be.
I take such joy in being able to use my talent and training to capture the beauty I see all around me and share it with the world.

There are so many editing styles out there. Two of the main styles are light and airy and dark and moody. I consider my editing style to be more on the dark and moody side with rich color, higher contrast with natural color tone
which give a more emotional vibe to the images.

In addition to the traditional posed portraits my main focus is to capture the real moments shared between family and friends because those are the photos that create the greatest memories down the road.

I am passionate about my work and I love sharing ideas and creating a unique and enjoyable photo experience.
I really love photographing life’s special moments and I’m always excited to meet with a new couple; listening to your ideas for your wedding always inspires me.