Let's create a wedding collection of your dream together!

Here’s how I typically work on a wedding day.

Getting ready

Getting ready is one of my favorite part of the wedding day. You will get all pampered and get to spend the morning with your favorite people before the chaos start.  Just like the calm before the storm, lol.

I like to take pictures of all the details (I will send you the list of what we will need, don’t worry) and 
at this point I’ll be focusing more on candid pictures during this part. The shots of the venue or landscape and the decorations also can be done at this point before the guests show up.

There’s also a lot of beautiful moments like when mom’s helping the bride putting her dress on or dad helping the groom tying his tie those are also beautiful to capture.

The first look or keep it traditional

If you decided to see each other before the ceremony this would be a good opportunity to get the pictures of you two together and all of the pictures of the wedding party done before hand so you can spend time with your guests during the cocktail hour.

If you want to keep it traditional we will be doing all the pictures after the ceremony.

I normally start with the big group family and wedding party first then I take an individual shot of you with each wedding party or family member. This could take around 30min- 1 hour depends on the number of people (we’ll discussed that before hand) . We’ll be taking the bride and groom pictues last. This can be a nice alone time for the two of you and we’ll do both the poses as well as some more natural looking candid ones


I will be photographing everything as it happens. I shoot with two cameras at this point, one with a walk around lens and another with a zoom lens to get the expression and reaction of your love ones.
I will be moving around to get to different angles but try to go around from behind as much as the space would allow me so I won’t interupt the moments.


During reception I work with the dj to follow your timeline. At dinner time I will be doing more of a candid of people smiling, laughing and having a good time.

I sometimes go around each table taking pictures of the guests (this is optional). I also will be taking a little break when the bride and groom eat so I can get back to my cameras as soon as things start happening again.
I will again capture everything as it happens during all the important moments like dances, cake cutting, speeches etc. I normally stay for a while during the dancing until I feel like I have completed the whole story of your day.